Barbara Is Ready to Run Down Memory Lane at Burnley 10K

71 year-old Barbara can't wait to take on her favourite 10k again after being told as a young girl that running was not 'ladylike'.

Barbara Wharton, 71, has lived in Burnley all her life and is ready to run down memory lane at the Asda Foundation Burnley 10K on Sunday 15th July.

The Asda Foundation Burnley 10K is now unofficially named the ‘Barbara Wharton This Is Your Life 10K’. After 71 years in the town, she will be able to enjoy a number of memorable landmarks throughout her 10K run.

The route starts beside her first ever home and passes her old primary school, church where she was married, and the school her granddaughter now attends. The Asda Foundation Burnley 10K is no doubt one of Barbara’s favourite runs.

Speaking to Run For All, Barbara said: “I have taken part in all the Burnley 10ks and want to do so as long as I’m able.

“I love running through my home town with people I know and seeing spectators I know. 

“There’s nothing better than being out on a Spring morning with birds singing and lambs bleating surrounded by Burnley countryside.”

It is weird to think nowadays, but running was not always accepted as a sport for women. Barbara faced her fair share of adversity in her early running life – not that it ever stopped her.

“When I was younger, I was told that running was not for ladies.

“In fact, I was frequently told it was not ladylike!”

Barbara, quite rightly, ignored this nonsense. She has now notched up an impressive number of runs including eleven Great Manchester 10ks - among an array of other runs where she has raised money for Cancer Research, Bliss, Alzheimer’s, and Pendleside Hospice.

At 71, Barbara’s physical and mental well-being is at a maximum high. She credits most of this to her running and therefore is very keen to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get running.

“Running is a massive stress release, to be able to feel your own ability to move is real freedom and joy” said Barbara.

“Never feel like you’re too old, you don’t have to keep up with anyone else.  Just go at your own pace and enjoy your own company. 

“The benefits of running are so valuable. It keeps your heart and lungs working as well as giving your whole body a work out.”

If you would like learn more about Burnley 10K or maybe want join Barbara on Sunday 15th July, please click Asda Foundation Burnley 10K.






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