Breast Cancer Survivor Rachel is Enjoying the Road to Recovery at Leeds 10K

Two years on from being diagnosed with breast cancer, Rachel will pull on her running shoes and take on her first ever 10K at the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K.

Mother of two, Rachel, is on the road to recovery after being diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2016. Two years on, she will run the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K on Sunday 8th July 2018.

After being diagnosed, Rachel went through both chemotherapy surgery and radiotherapy treatment.

Rachel says that running helped her stay positive following the treatment and was an influential factor to her recovery.

Speaking to Run For All, Rachel said: ““I was determined to be the strongest I could be for the treatment and make sure that I was there for my family throughout. For me, a big part of that was keeping as fit as I could.

“Chemotherapy is a brutal treatment and would leave me quite low for at least a week after each treatment with one of the main side effects being fatigue – it is like running through treacle!

“After that week, I would start running again. Running was a great way for me to put some energy back in to my body and help counteract the fatigue.”

Countless studies have shown running to be both physically and mentally rewarding. Rachel is a big advocate of this fact.

“I have found running great for me both mentally and physically.

“It helped me cope so much better with the treatment.

“I believe that I recovered much more quickly, efficiently and effectively as a result.”

Rachel will do all that is possible to get over that finish line on Sunday 8th July. Her determination to cope with the disease is a true indictment of her strength, courage and character.

“Cancer was never part of my life plan and to be diagnosed when I was just 39 was a total shock.

“However, in some ways I feel that I have come out of the experience a stronger individual.”

Rachel is now fit and ready to take on her first 10K at the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K. Being Yorkshire born and bred, it seems a fitting location for Rachel.

“The Leeds 10K is a personal challenge for me and the first 10k I will have done

“I will certainly not have the fastest time but will be really pleased just to make it to the finishing line.”

Rachel will be just one of the thousands on Sunday 8th July at the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K running for countless wonderful and inspiring reasons.

If you would like to find out more, please click Asda Foundation Leeds 10K.






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