Ready to Run The Yorkshire Marathon after Pancreatic Cancer ‘Changed My Life’

John is surviving, thriving and ready to run The 2018 Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday 14th October after a pancreatic cancer scare in 2017.

John Aitchison, 45, is taking on The 2018 Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday 14th October to prove that there is life after cancer diagnosis.

In January 2017, John’s life turned upside down when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. However, after surgery, six months of chemotherapy and a dramatic change to his lifestyle; he is ready to run The Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon.

Speaking to Run For All, John said: “I've always wanted to run a marathon, I have a brother and several friends who have done so.

“Like a lot of people I guess, I always seemed to run out of time or will power. Somehow I always found a way to talk myself out of it.

“However, my outlook has change completely after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in January 2017. I am doing it this year and nothing will stop me!”

With less than six months until the big day, John is preparing for his first marathon rather seriously. His health and well-being continue to be at the forefront of his mind. With the loving support of his wife Debbie and his two young daughters Morgan and Lorna, John believes he is ready to take on the 26.2 mile challenge.

“I am feeling really well and get out for a run three or four times a week now.

“Getting The Yorkshire Marathon in the diary was about setting myself an ambitious but achievable target that would help me to keep looking after my health.

“I hope that I can show people that it is possible to survive and thrive after such a diagnosis.”

An inspiration to us all, John is hoping that The Yorkshire Marathon will add to his list of inspirational fundraising achievements. During his chemotherapy in 2017, John managed to complete Run For All’s Asda Foundation York 10K and raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

“I ran the York 10K at the mid-way point of my chemo treatment. I was very lucky in that the toxicity was manageable.

“Whilst my energy levels were lower, running shorter distances seemed to work to keep my energy up and it was a great motivation.

“I had an amazing day despite missing my target time by 3 seconds!”

Once again John will be looking to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK in his home town of York

“The York 10k was an opportunity to raise some money for Pancreatic Cancer UK and the Yorkshire Marathon will be the same - so fundraising is one reason for running.

“I'm from York, as is most of my close family, and I have friends who have run the event in the past, so it is my 'home' marathon.

“I am very excited. I'm enjoying being outside and running much more than I ever used to - just one of the many upsides of surviving.”

Learn more about The 2018 Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon.

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