Brotherly love in Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K

Sheffield brothers Tyrone and Kirk tackle a 10K for the Sheffield Hospitals Charity which has  become a cause close to their hearts.

Tyrone Briddon, who was diagnosed with stomach and secondary liver cancer earlier this year, is set to tackle the Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K and raise money for the Sheffield Hospitals Charity with his brother Kirk.

The Sheffield pair will be pulling on their trainers for the popular charity road race  on Sunday 23rd September.

Kirk, 34, said that Tyrone has shown “amazing bravery and fight to carry on regardless and do things I’m not sure I would be able to do myself.”

Proud brother Kirk was keen to add that the treatment and help his brother had been given by hospital staff was second to none.

Kirk said: “The Sheffield Hospitals Charity was selected by my brother as he felt really grateful for the care and treatment he has received from the nurses helping him through his chemotherapy.

“His care has been amazing, from the first time he stepped into the hospital for his first consultation after the diagnosis right up until more recently going through all of the aggressive chemo his body can take for now.

“It is a testament to the staff how happy and positive they can remain knowing what all of these patients are there for and what they are going through. It really does make a difference to Tyrone’s positivity and mind set. The most important thing is their honesty and how they explain everything in a way that keeps him fighting.

Kirk said there were a number of reasons they had chosen the Sheffield 10K.

He said: “Sheffield is our home city, so from a logistical point of view it makes sense but it also means that friends and family are able to come along and support us. Also with our chosen charity being Sheffield Hospitals, it will be good for Tyrone to have that support from the local people and show himself and others just how strong willed he is and how a little positivity can go a long way in putting up a fight against these devastating illnesses.”

The brothers’ fundraising can be supported on their Just Giving page

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