Chef Simon aims to serve up a great 10K in Bury after his weight loss success

Simon Taylor set to serve up PB glory at the 2018 Asda Foundation Bury 10K after shedding 5 stone.

Chef Simon Taylor is set to serve up a delicious PB at the Asda Foundation Bury 10K on Sunday 16th September after his weight loss success.

When your job involves working with top quality ingredients to create delicious meals sticking to a diet can be a tough challenge.

But it’s one Simon Taylor – head chef at a four-star hotel near Manchester Airport – has risen to.

Since making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fitter in 2018, he has managed to shed 5 stone and is now in training for the Asda Foundation Bury 10K on Sunday 16th September.  

Simon, 45, who lives in Prestwich and has four children and six stepchildren, enjoyed playing rugby and football as well as running but stopped because of work commitments and began to pile on the weight.

He said: “Over Christmas my wife said we should get fit as I'd put on about 3 stone since getting married 3 years ago.”

With a gym at work, Simon had no excuse not to start a new fitness regime but initially things did not go according to plan.

“After the first session I ended up in hospital as I couldn't walk, that's when I got diagnosed with  tendinitis in the achilles. I had been told it would be difficult to run again but I decided that I wanted to try and over the months I have managed to go from being able to run for only 2 minutes to doing 12k in 1 hour, so I thought it would be good to do my hometown 10k.”

Simon described the whole process as “hard but also very rewarding” and may even take on a half marathon next year.     

Entries for the Asda Foundation Bury 10K are still available. Click for more on the Bury 10K.

Families are also encouraged to join in at the Bury Family Fun Run which takes place on the same day and is free to enter for all under-15s and all 10K runners. Click for more on the Bury Family Fun Run.

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