Samantha all set for Leicester 10K charity challenge

Samantha prepares to hand cancer research charity Bloodwise a fundraising boost at Leicester 10K following her father's battle with Leukemia.

Nurse Samantha Brien is running the Asda Foundation Leicester 10K on Sunday 9th September to raise funds for the charity Bloodwise following her father’s battle with Leukaemia.

On December 1st last year Samantha’s father was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. He had exhibited no noticeable symptoms of the illness and it was only picked up during investigations into other concerns he had.

Three days later he was an inpatient at the Royal Derby Hospital where he remained for five weeks receiving chemotherapy. Following a short stay at home he returned to hospital for further treatment.

Samantha, 32, who works within School Health in Derby, said: “This was a very difficult time for all of us as Dad was very poorly throughout this course and was in the Royal Derby Hospital for 3 months. Then in May we got the news we had all been waiting for, we were told the Leukaemia was in remission and he would not require further treatment so could therefore be discharged home to further continue his recovery and attend the hospital twice weekly as an outpatient for blood transfusions.”

But more problems lay ahead. On 30th July Samantha’s father was admitted to Nottingham City Hospital specialist haematology unit for a stem cell transplant as his bone marrow was struggling to recover from the damage caused by the chemotherapy.

Samantha said: “So far the transplant has been a success and we are watching and waiting for his discharge from Nottingham in September once he is fit and well again.

“The success of Dad’s treatment and others like him is due to the research carried out by medical professionals across the world, Bloodwise as a charity funds this research.

“In all honesty Bloodwise was not a charity I had heard of prior to December but having lived through the experience that we have, I can’t thank the charity enough for all their hard work and want to do my bit to support further work and help people going through similar experiences as my Dad.

“So in an hour of madness I signed up for the Leicester 10k, I’m not a runner and the training has not come easy for me but I am determined to complete this run for my Dad and others like him.”

Entries are still available, please click  for more on the Leicester 10K.

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