Sarah’s road to recovery takes a turn towards fundraising heroics at York 10K

Sarah I’Anson hopes to raise money for York Against Cancer on Sunday 5th August at the York 10K after they provided incredible support in her battle against cancer and helped her on the road to recovery.

Local Yorkshire lass, Sarah I’Aanson, is on the road to recovery at the 2018 Asda Foundation York 10K and is determined to raise money for York Against Cancer after they helped her brave her own battle against cancer in 2017.

In July last year, Sarah sat in a heap outside hospital, stunned and crying. She had just received a cancer diagnosis and was left wondering how she would tell her family. Then help arrived.

Sarah, 47, said: “These two amazing souls appeared, scooped me up, gave me a quiet room and a cup of tea and said ‘you just take your time, we are here if you need us.’ To this day the gratitude I feel for that act of kindness and understanding is immeasurable.

“This was my first introduction to the Cancer Care Centre, and myself and friends others I know have, and are continuing to benefit from, this and other services of York Against Cancer.”

And on Sunday 5th August Sarah will pull on her trainers and tackle the Asda Foundation York 10K to raise funds for the charity which has offered incredible unstinting support in her battle against cancer and recovery.

Sarah, a local authority commissioning manager said: “They provide very practical support from the free minibus to radiotherapy appointments in Leeds and wig clinics, to the sort of support that just makes you feel a little bit better, such as make up workshops, reflexology, a craft group and holiday homes for respite. Most of all, the doors are always open for a cup of tea and chat.

“As I took up running to help me get back to feeling a bit more like me after being poorly, taking part in a run to raise funds for a cancer charity that has given me so much was an obvious choice.

“My aim is to actually run round rather than just turn up and potter about, and whilst I'm more than happy to be the fat lass at the back, I really don't want to let the side down by not getting to the finish line!”

Entries are still open for the Asda Foundation York 10K which is celebrating it's tenth anniversary this year. For more information click - York 10K.

Sarah’s fundraising can be supported at

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