Runners hit astronomical heights contributing to the ‘walk to the moon’ challenge

Asda Foundation Derby Half Marathon runners donate 21,824,401 steps to the ‘walk to the moon’ challenge.

Runners made an astronomical contribution to the ‘walk to the moon’ challenge at the Asda Foundation Derby Half Marathon this Sunday by donating 21,824,401 steps.

The ‘walk to the moon’ challenge was set by The Respiratory Team at Nottingham Universities Hospitals and the Nottingham Breathe Easy groups to promote regular exercise in Derby and Nottingham.

Runners at the Asda Foundation Derby Half Marathon had been asked to contribute whatever they can to the 238,900-mile journey and help collectively cover 478 million steps.

Prior to Sunday, 30 groups and over 200 individuals had already contributed to the challenge and accomplished a staggering 249,071,778 steps.

On Sunday 3rd June, the half marathon runners rocketed the steps count up to 311,938,664 steps.

Teresa Burgoyne, part of the mission control team for the challenge, said: “Well done and a big thank you to all the Derby Half Marathon runners who helped us by donating 21,824,401 million steps to our worthwhile project, making our grand total 311,938,664.

“We have been helping improve our community’s health by asking people with lung conditions, their families and friends, and our local hospitals and community services to join together to ‘walk to the moon’! There’s not far to go now.

“Thank you also to the Run For All team who have also supported us and organised an excellent event.”

The runners are now invited to join the ‘walk to the moon’ gang on daily walks leading up to a final sponsored walk at the Victoria Embankment on Sunday 17th June.

Although the main objective of the ‘walk to the moon’ challenge is to promote regular exercise, there is also the option to raise money at the walks for both The British Lungs Foundation and Nottingham Hospitals Charity.

The British Lung Foundation provide hope, help and a voice for everyone affected by lung disease through their support networks. There are over 230 groups across the UK. To learn more please visit their website here.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity are currently raising money for a painless carbon dioxide monitoring machine. Patients have blood samples taken from an artery which can be painful. Dr Sovani and a team are working on a research project to introduce painless carbon dioxide monitoring using a skin probe to reduce blood samples. To find out more please visit their website here.

Next up for our East Midland runners is the Asda Foundation Nottingham 10K on Sunday 12th August. A flat and fast route perfect for both first time runners and seasoned PB chasers. Crowds of enthusiastic spectators gather to provide incredible support creating an amazing city centre atmosphere for runners.




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