5 Stone Lighter and Ready to Tackle Lincoln 10K

Weight Loss Marvel Tim Everett is Ready to Take On the Lincoln 10K!

Tim wasn’t so tiny but now he’s shed over 5 stones and is set for the Lincoln 10K this Sunday 18th March.

Getting fit not fat before 50 – that’s Tim Everett’s mantra and it’s working.

This time last year Tim, who has recently celebrated his 50th birthday, weighed in at nearly 20 stones.

Since then, thanks to the support of a slimming regime and his family, he has shed five-and-a-half stones and is looking forward to taking part in the Asda Foundation City of Lincoln 10K on Sunday 18th March.

Tim, who lives in Welton and is married with two children and four grandchildren, said: “Due to a knee injury I'm not allowed to run so I walk, albeit rather quickly.

“I am really keen on getting men, especially those of us who are of a certain age, more active and talking about both physical and mental health and making it less of the taboo it currently appears to be.

“I took part in the wonderful Lincoln 10k last year and walked the course in 1hr 25 mins, weighing more than 4 stone than I do now. I am looking to walk it this year in just over 1hr 15mins.”

Inspired by Tim and his story? Click the link to join him at the Lincoln 10K this Sunday 18th March!




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