76 Year Old Hilary Sets Her Sights on 100th Marathon

Be inspired this International Women's Day by Hilary Wharam who aims to complete 100 marathons whilst she still feels young.

At 76 years young, Hilary Wharam, is inspiring women of all ages to get running!

Hilary will not only be taking on the Leeds 10K and Leeds Half Marathon this year, she is also eyeing up her next Marathon challenge. 

“I love to run! I like to enter, annually, a race of every distance from 5k to a marathon, but my main focus is marathons.

“My aim is to complete 100 marathons before age related problems and arthritis preclude my continuing to run.

“The shorter distances are good for keeping my legs going between marathons.”

At this point, we are probably both thinking the same question. Why does she do it? Of course there are many health benefits to running, but this is a bit much isn’t it?

Well, Hilary is motivated by something she finds far more valuable - the social benefits.

Widowed in 2015, Hilary describes the support she has received from the running community as a "lifeline".

“At events I am well known so give and receive encouragement to other competitors, especially when the race route is out and back.

“A marathon is a whole day out in company, with a social before and after. Plus, there’s always lots of hugs and encouragement.”

Hilary is now a member of the Horsforth Harriers and leads their Absolute Beginners Group (ABG). She helped to start this group in 2011 and it has continued successfully to date.

If you would like to join Hilary on one of her runs, please sign up for the Leeds 10K and Leeds Half Marathon.

Or, if you would like to find out more about the Horsforth Harriers please visit their website www.horsforthharriers.co.uk 

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