8 ½ Stone Lighter and Ready to Take on the Derby Half Marathon

Weight-loss enigma Ash Illingsworth has lost 8 ½ stone and is ready to take on the Derby Half Marathon to show that with hard-work and dedication anything is possible.

Ash Illingsworth, 31, has lost 8 ½ stone through running and is now ready to take on the Derby Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd June.

Finding himself at 22 ½ stone in 2010, Ash hit a crossroads and decided to do something about his weight - he turned to running.

Speaking to Run For All, Ash said: “When I finished University, I found myself at 22 ½ stone struggling to get a job.

“I had a lot of interviews but had no luck getting a job - despite being more than qualified with a 1st class degree. I started to think that my appearance was the problem.

“I decided to do something about my weight and started running. Whilst looking for a job, running kind of became my part time job."

Ash’s transition is truly remarkable and his dedication is nothing but admirable. Now, Ash is keen to show people how simple losing weight through running can be with a goal-driven approach.

“My first ever run got me about 400 metres and I was done. I was absolutely knackered.

“But each run I went on; I went a little bit further.

“I absolutely love running. I love the challenge!"

Ash is no stranger to adversity and understands of ups and downs that come with running and trying to lose weight. He is determined to show people that anything is possible.

“I would really like to encourage people to start running.

“Being larger in the past, I fully understand the ups and downs of trying to get fit!

“I hope my story helps motivate others to make a change to their life for the better. I often see people just starting out jogging and I almost want to go over and tell them to keep going and not stop!”

Ash is now looking forward to a number of future challenges including the Derby Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd June.

“I am excited to run the Derby Half Marathon because I’ve heard the route is great and there is lots of support.

“I’m aiming for a PB this year, my best half time is 1:27:45 and I want to beat.”

If you have been inspired by Ash’s story, please FIND OUT MORE ABOUT RUN FOR ALL events where runners of all abilities are welcome to take on runs distancing from 5k to a full marathon.

If you would like to join Ash at the Derby Half Marathon, please click ENTER DERBY HALF MARATHON.

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