Belinda’s marathon effort in memory of husband John

Belinda will pull on her trainers at the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon in memory of her husband who died just five days after the couple married.

Belinda Moody will pull on her trainers on Sunday to run the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon in memory of her husband, John, who died just five days after the couple married.

John Stock was 33-years-old when he was diagnosed with skin cancer in October 2017.

Belinda said: “The melanoma team at St James were brilliant and gave us hope that immunotherapy treatment could prolong his life. And it did - from October 2017 to April 2018 things were good. John spent lots of time with his son, Juhi and myself.”

But when in April this year they were told the melanoma had spread, Belinda and John decided to get married and set a date for July 21.

Belinda said: “John was rushed to hospital later in April and was diagnosed with a tumour in his small bowel. This was removed and he came home. In May John began to suffer from a lot of pain and on 23rd June he went to Manorlands Hospice for help with getting this pain under control. 

“A few days later we were told that John would not be well enough to leave the hospice and that’s when we knew the end was coming. With a huge amount of help from John’s best friends and the staff at Manorlands, we bought the wedding forward to 30th June. It was a day full of love and sunshine. 

“On 5th July 2018, John passed away peacefully holding hands with his brother Danny and myself. He left behind not only wonderful friends and family, but also his son, the fantastic 3 year old Juhi. 

“John was incredibly brave throughout his cancer journey. He was intelligent, funny and loyal. He never lost these qualities and is a huge loss to the world. 

“I entered this year’s Yorkshire Marathon knowing this was our special place - we visited every year on my birthday. Also when I run the race it will be one year on from John’s diagnosis. John promised me that he’d be there to watch and while he can’t be there in mind and body, I know he’ll be there in spirit.” 

Belinda is raising money for Keighley’s Manorlands Hospice who “were amazing during the worst time of our lives. I simply cannot praise the staff enough - each and every one helped us through our worst nightmare.

“John always supported my running - buying me new trainers and clothes. I continued with my training thoughout his illness and since he’s passed away - it keeps me sane and is good for my soul.” 

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