Weigh loss sensation Brett is making light work of charity fund raising

Brett Sutcliffe will take on his local Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K next week to raise money for the Sheffield Hospitals Charity after losing 7 stone.

After losing 7 stone, Sheffield local, Brett Sutcliffe, will run the Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K next week to raise money for the Sheffield Hospitals Charity in memory of his mum.

When PE teacher Brett hit 22 stones he decided he had to do something about his weight to set a good example to his pupils.

And with his wedding approaching, he had a further incentive to shed some pounds.

Thanks to a regime of dietary changes and increased exercise, Brett, 37, managed to lose seven stone and is now preparing to tackle the Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K to raise money for Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

Brett, who teaches in Rotherham and lives in Sheffield, said:  “I am running to raise money for the Sheffield Hospitals Charity as they do a fantastic job under very difficult circumstances.

“In the last 7 years they have looked after my own children, my terminally ill mum - now deceased - and an older relative with compassion and care. I wish to raise funds so they can really give the full service the staff on the ground want to but are often restricted by budget.”

“The Sheffield 10k is a distance I think I can cover in order to raise some funds for my charity and is local to me. I hope it will be the start of some concerted fund raising for my charity.”

When Brett’s weight loss stalled at around 18 stones, he turned to running which had a dramatic effect.

He said: “At first the running meant little or no weight loss but as I increased the distance the weight started falling off. I was running four times a week at around 23 miles a week leading up to our wedding and got on the plane to Greece for our wedding at 14 stone 12 lbs.

“Since then weight has crept on with a honeymoon and looking after the children but I am still exercising regular and so are my children. I am hoping to increase my fitness by entering this 10k to get the weight back off and raise some much needed funds for charity.”

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