Sarah looks to the Butterfly Effect to help three-year-old James

Leeds Teacher Sarah Dunn will take on her first-ever marathon at the 2019 Adsa Foundation Yorkshire Marathon as part of her fundraising efforts.

Teacher Sarah Dunn is in training for her first marathon this year to raise funds for charities that support her three-year-old son, James, who has cerebral palsy.

Sarah’s participation in the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon will be the culmination of a whole series of events taking place this year in support of James, who is unable to sit unassisted, walk, talk or feed himself.

She said: “He is a clever little boy who has a lot of potential in the future, subject to the right equipment and help.”

Sarah and her husband, Richard, have entitled their fundraising effort The Butterfly Effect 2019.

Sarah said: “The title suggests that if we all do something small it can have a significant impact on some fantastic causes.

“However, my first-ever marathon doesn’t feel such a small challenge. But I know all my hard work will be worth it and help me support my son.”

Cakes sales, an online auction, music concerts and arts and crafts sales are just some of the fundraising events being organised for The Butterfly Effect.  

The money raised will go to SNAPS (Special Needs and Parent Support) - a Leeds based charity that provides subsidised hydrotherapy for James with a qualified physiotherapist as well as music therapy sessions and children's entertainment.

The Butterfly Effect fundraising will also go to support CP Teens who provide social opportunities for young people with cerebral palsy and will help the family buy communication equipment for James.

Sarah and Richard would like to buy an eye gaze communication device for James.

Sarah said: “Since having one on loan from the NHS, James has found his voice but we are worried we won't have a long term loan of a device like this."

The Butterfly Effect can be supported at 

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