‘Why I’ll be taking on my first 10K this year’

Asda colleague and Eventeer legend Stephen Bromby became inspired to take-up running after supporting Run For All events as an Eventeer.

Asda colleague and Eventeer legend Stephen Bromby will take on his first-ever 10K this May at the Asda Foundation GEAR 10K after feeling inspired to become more active.

“I’ve loved the atmosphere at every run I've volunteered at. I saw the pride on people’s faces crossing the finish and thought ‘I fancy a bit of that’”, he said.

“I downloaded a Couch to 5k app and quickly discovered that running wasn't as bad as the compulsory school cross country we all had to do as kids.

“I’ve definitely caught the running bug - I can’t get enough of the sport! It makes me feel so fresh and healthy on the inside and out.”

Stephen’s journey from an Eventeer to participant, non-runner to enthusiast, shows that running really is for all.

Despite swapping his hi-vis for a running vest for his GEAR 10K in King's Lynn, Stephen is still keen to remain a member of the Eventeer Team and encourages other to get involved.

"It’s great to feel a part of the Run For All team - especially when you know that you're playing such a vital role helping people toward inspirational achievements. 

"Each Eventeer experience is a little bit different. But the enjoyment I get from meeting new people and the race day atmosphere remains a constant.

"Whether its with me, or not, I'd encourage everyone to come and join the Eventeer Team. It’s a really rewarding feeling to know that you’ve helped be a part of an event that has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for local and national charities."

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