73-year-old Geoff's multi-marathon challenge

Retired policeman and grandfather of four Geoff is aiming to run a marathon and a half marathon in just seven days.

73-year-old Geoff Thornes will take on the Asda Foundation Hull Half Marathon in his home city just seven days after completing a marathon in memory of his friend Jack.

Geoff said: “I know it’s probably not the wisest decision. But I felt that I had to run in memory of my friend Jack Provan.

“I will be running for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Scotland as this is the dreadful disease that Jack died from.”

A half marathon and marathon would be enough for anyone. However, retired policeman Geoff will also be taking on the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon later this year.

Geoff is proof that running is a sport for all. And with enough dedication and determination, anything is achievable.

“It’s not about your time, getting to the finish line is achievement enough.

“I’ve run the Asda Foundation Hull Half Marathon a few times before and it’s always a great day. The crowds are incredible.

“Plus, the course is nice and flat. Which is great for runners of all abilities.

“To be honest, I would have liked to have run this half marathon in my younger days – it certainly could have been a PB course for me.”

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