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About our training guides

Training is essential in the build up to any successful race. It becomes a part of your lifestyle influencing many of your choices and decisions. It can be a daunting prospect… where do you start?

Fear not! Our training guides, provided by qualified Personal Trainer Graeme Hilditch, will help you achieve the perfect preparation for your race whether it be a 10K, Half Marathon or the big Yorkshire Marathon.

We appreciate everyone is different. You will have different hopes and aspirations depending on your varying levels of ability. Therefore, our Training Guides cater for varying levels of ability: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

who's Graeme?

Graeme Hilditch is a highly qualified Personal Trainer with over twenty years of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry.

As well as running a successful Personal Training business in the Cotswolds, Graeme is Author to 6 books which have been sold all over the world and translated into 5 languages.

Graeme has worked closely with a number of leading Sports Companies to help their customers get the most out of training.

In 2016, Graeme began working with leading Sports Nutrition Company, Science in Sport, to produce a series of running guides for marathons and 10k’s.

Find the Training Guide for you by following the links below!

10K training plans 

Half marathon training plans

Marathon training plans 

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