Ali Brownlee 5K

Race Date: 2020 Date TBC

Race Information


  • Entries for the 2020 Ali Brownlee Riverside 5K will open soon. 
  • Entrants must be 11 years or over on event day.
  • Run For All encourage people of all abilities to take part in the Ali Brownlee Riverside 5K. Please contact us in advance with any specific requirements and we shall do our utmost to cater to these. 


  • Chip timing
  • Finisher’s goody bag
  • Quality tech T-shirt
  • Exclusive medal


  • Race Office
  • Baggage
  • Toilets 
  • Water Stations - Bottled water has been kindly provided by the Asda Foundation. Participants are advised to ensure that they consider the effects of dehydration and drink plenty of fluids to compensate.
  • Support & Entertainment - A variety of performers will be on hand to keep you motivated around the course. 
  • First Aid - Should you find you require medical assistance, personnel will be on hand to help at regular intervals on the course with fixed first aid stations located near to the water stations. In addition there will be a first aid unit and recovery area located near to the finish.
  • Food and Drink - There are a number of bars and cafés in the area that will be sure to welcome spectators and participants, and are often bursting with atmosphere after the event.


We ask that you set the volume to a point where you will still be able to hear marshals instructions, emergency vehicles and fellow competitors. Any brand of headphones are allowed on the day of the event but why not check out our official headphone provider, Aftershokz? 

Aftershokz sit comfortably in front of the ear and use bone conduction to deliver sound through the cheekbones to your inner ear. This means you can enjoy your music and still hear everything around you, including marshal instructions, emergency vehicles and fellow participants. Run For All entrants can benefit from a special discount – prior to your chosen event you will be sent an email containing the code to obtain this special offer. 

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