Yorkshire Marathon

Race Date: 18th October 2020 - Start Time: 9.30am


A truly Yorkshire Marathon, our flagship event showcases the very best of the City of York and its surrounding countryside.

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0 - 1 mile - Following a fast start down Green Dykes Lane, the route sweeps round onto Lawrence Street towards the centre, before heading into the historic city through the medieval gateway at Walmgate Bar.

1 - 2 miles - As the route winds through the city centre, take in the iconic sights of York and enjoy the vocal support around the stunning York Minster.

2 - 3 miles - Leaving the city walls behind head out towards Heworth Green, prepare yourself for the first drink station.

3 - 4 miles - Grab a drink at the first drink station and take in the countryside around you.

4 - 5 miles - Continue through the countryside leaving the city behind , you will arrive at the first Marathon Relay change-over point, where you will no doubt get a good cheer. After crossing the bridge over the A64, prepare to wave goodbye to the 10 Mile runners who will head off to the right along Holtby Lane.

5 - 6 miles - Leaving the 10 Mile runners at mile 5, pass through the picturesque village of Stockton on the Forest and if you're lucky you might see the 'high-fiving' vicar.

6 -7 miles - Continue along Stockton Lane until you turn right unto Common Lane.

7 - 8 miles - Run along Common Lane past the Snowball Plantation, where you will meet some encouraging entertainment. Just before the 8 mile mark you will turn left into Northgate Lane.

8-9 miles - Follow Northgate Lane to the end and get ready to make a sharp turn to your left.

9 -10 miles - Turn Left and meet the 3rd drinks station before you continue to Upper Helmsley.

10 - 11 miles - Continue through the suburbs of York to Sand Hutton, where you will find the enthusiastic Sand Hutton community with excellent entertainment.

11 - 12 miles - Enjoy the rural run through Buttercrambe Moor Wood, make sure you have a drink at our 4th water station placed along the route.

12 - 13 miles - Continue to the end of Buttercrambe Moor Wood and turn right at the end.

13 - 14 miles - Follow the windy road until you meet with the A166 where you turn left towards Stamford Bridge.

14 - 15 miles - Make your way to Stamford Bridge for your first turning point. You might be able to find on or the other supporter at this point. Make your way towards Murton along the A166.

15 - 16 miles - Continue straight along the A166 through Gate Helmsley where a group of volunteers will provide you will some water.

16 - 17 miles - Make your way towards our second spectator point at Dunnington

17 - 18 miles - Your second turning point is coming up at Murton, before you turn back on yourself and go back on up the A166 to the 6th water station along the route.

18 - 19 miles - Another chance to high five your family and friends at Dunnington while running up the A166

19 - 20 miles - After a great Dunnington celebration it goes straight on the A166 before turning left into Holtby.

20 - 21 miles - Follow the windy road onto Holtby Lane and meet our great volunteer team at the water station.

21 - 22 miles - Continue straight on until you turn left down Bad Bargain Lane. If you are lucky you might even see some entertainment on this leg.

22 - 23 miles - Follow the road along Moor Lane towards Murton Lane.

23 - 24 miles - Wave to the last of the Marathon Relay change-over points and turn west back towards the city.  Cross under the A64 and refuel at the final drink station ready for a big finish.

24 - 25 miles - The road follows the beck as it winds through Osbaldwick Village, before you turn left on Tang Hall Lane and re-join the Hull Road.

25 - 26 miles - Head west on Hull Road and steel yourself for the climb towards campus.  Pass the start line and feel the buzz from the spectators as they line the descent towards the finish line.  Collect your goody bag, post-race drinks and chill out in our event village - you've done it!   


Elevation Map


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