Run For All and Aftershokz team up

The organisers of some of the UK's most popular running events have announced a new partnership with the leading open ear sports headphone brand.

Award winning Aftershokz Sport Headphones will be the official headphone partner of Run For All and Marathon Yorkshire events, which include the Asda Foundation Leeds and York 10Ks, and the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon Series featuring events in York, Leeds and Sheffield.

Aftershokz sit comfortably in front of the ear and use bone conduction to deliver sound through the cheekbones to your inner ear. This means you can enjoy your music and still hear everything around you including marshal instructions, emergency vehicles and fellow competitors.

To celebrate the new partnership, Run For All event participants will be entitled to a fantastic £10 discount when they purchase a pair of Aftershokz headphones. Run For All will notify runners on how to redeem their exclusive discount code.

Lynne Preston, Run For All's Event Manager, said: "We are delighted to announce this new partnership. We know that many runners train with music and want to listen to it as they take part in our events.

"Conventional headphones are specifically designed to block out ambient sounds. AfterShokz unique open ear design offers more than just increased comfort when worn at length; it permits users to hear everything around them, heightening awareness and fostering safety, particularly critical during outdoor activity."

AfterShokz President and CEO Bruce Borenstein said: "We're thrilled to be on board as the official headphone partner of the Run For All series of events and to support Jane Tomlinson's lasting legacy.

"All headphones are no longer the same. AfterShokz active lifestyle headphones are designed to allow runners to safely stay connected to mobile devices and listen to their favourite tunes without sacrificing situational awareness, especially in fields of several thousand runners as here in Yorkshire's most popular running events."

Run For All organises 10Ks in Leeds, York, Lincoln, Hull and Burnley. The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon series includes the Yorkshire Marathon, Yorkshire Half Marathon-Sheffield and the Leeds Half Marathon.

AfterShokz open ear headphones have won national and international awards for their innovation and design.

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