General FAQs


  • How will I know I am entered?

  • When is the closing date for entry?

  • How do I enter someone aged under 18?

  • I have seen entries available to purchase through a charity - is this geniune?

  • Is it possible to take part as a team?

  • What are the time limits for each distance?

  • The event is sold out, how can I get a place?

  • How much is it to enter?

  • Can I take part in fancy dress?

  • Can I raise money for a charity or cause not listed as an event partner?

  • How many water stations will there be on course?

  • Can I enter two people under the same email address?

  • Can I ride my bike, use rollerskates, or bring a child in a pushchair?

  • I am a wheelchair user or have specific access requirements, can I take part?

  • Can I run with a dog?

  • Which 2023 events include a t-shirt in the entry fee?


  • When will I receive my race pack?

  • What will my race pack contain?

  • I have registered but I am now unable to take part, what do I do?

  • It's almost event day and I haven't received my race number, what do I do?

  • I have misplaced part of my race pack, can I still take part?

  • What do I do with my timing chip?

  • Can I amend my address on my entry?

  • How can I transfer my event entry to a different event?

  • I registered with a foreign address, will I still receive my race pack in the post?

  • Can I give my runner number to someone else?

On the day

  • Can I enter on the day?

  • Can I use headphones?

  • Do I need to register on event day?

  • When will I receive my official time?

  • Is there a Park and Ride service for the Yorkshire Marathon & Yorkshire 10 Mile?

  • How do I find out road closure information?

  • Do I need to bring ID to collect my race number on the day?

  • Can I collect a race number for someone else?

  • Where can I find photos and results from my event?

Fun Runs

  • Are there any associated runs for children?

  • How many children am I able to accompany in the fun runs?

  • My child is a wheelchair user or has specific access requirements, can they take part?

  • What are the age limits for taking part in the fun runs?

  • Can I part in the fun runs with a child in a pushchair?


  • I'm interested in volunteering, what is involved?

  • How do I register to be an Eventeer?

  • I want to volunteer with my friends/family, is this possible?

  • What are the benefits of volunteering with Run For All?

  • I'd like to register as a group leader and take responsibility for recruiting a group of volunteers (at least five) to work together, how do I go about this?

  • What time will I need to be there and how long am I likely to be required?

  • Will I need any specific training?