General FAQs

Yorkshire Marathon FAQs

For Yorkshire Marathon and Yorkshire 10 Mile FAQs please click below

Yorkshire Marathon FAQs

Pre Registration

  • How can I enter more than one person?

  • When is the closing date for entry?

  • What are the time limits for each distance?

  • I am a wheelchair user or have specific access requirements, can I take part?

  • Is it possible to take part as a team?

  • Can I raise money for a charity or cause not listed as an event partner?

  • Can I ride my bike, use rollerskates, bring a child in a pushchair or run with a dog?

Post Registration

  • I can no longer take part, what are my options?

  • When will I receive my race number?

  • How can I make edits to my entry?

Event Day

  • Can I enter on the day?

  • Do I need to register on the day?

  • Can I use headphones?

  • Where can I find phots and results from my event?

Mini and Junior Events

  • How many children am I able to accompany?

  • My child is a wheelchair user or has specific access requirements, can they take part?

  • Can I take part with a child in a pushchair?

  • Where can I meet my young runner after the race?

  • When will we receive our race numbers?


If you have a query regarding volunteering, please check out our eventeers page here

Active Refund FAQs

To submit a refund request you will need to do this directly through Active, Run For All are not able to offer refunds through Active refund. Please be advised this is only relevant if you purchased Active refund with your entry.

Please see here for Active Refund FAQs


Active Advantage FAQs

You can find full Benefits and FAQs for this here. Run For All are not able to provide any refunds for this membership. Please contact Active directly on