Yorkshire Marathon FAQs

Park and Ride

  • Are dogs allowed on the buses?

  • Is there parking on campus?

  • Where is the park and ride site?

  • How many tickets do I need to buy?

  • How much is the parking?

  • Is there a drop off point?

  • Is there any transport from the city centre?

  • What does a Family Ticket include?

  • Where does the spectator shuttle go to and what time?

  • Is the time that I have purchased my travel ticket for car park arrival time or bus departure time?

  • What happens if I miss my time slot?

  • Do I need to show anything when I get on the bus?

  • Where do the buses drop off on campus?

  • Is there space for wheelchairs and buggies on the buses?

  • How long does it take from Elvington to campus?

  • How long does it take to get to each spectator point?

  • When is the last bus back to Elvington?

  • What time will the Elvington site close?

  • Is there bicycle park on campus?

Runners FAQs

  • What is the cut off time?

  • How many water stations are there?

  • Do I have to fundraise for a partner charity?

  • Will family and friends be able to track runners?

  • Can I wear headphones?