City of Lincoln 10K

Race Date: 18th March 2018 at 11am


Lincoln route 2017


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Heading South from Riseholme Road, the route takes in Nettleham Rd, Newport, Burton Road, Ravendale Drive, Laughton Way, Cabourne Avenue and finishes next to the iconic Lincoln Cathedral.

0 - 1km - Head down Riseholme Road and take a left along Longdales Road, the wide roads will enable you to get into your own running pace so you can enjoy the event from the off.

1 - 2km – Turn right along Nettleham Road and ease down the straight, tree lined road to settle into your pace.

2 - 3km – Taking a right on Church Lane and then again up Newport, the spectators will be urging you on your quest for glory. Keep an eye out for musical support in the area!

3 - 4km – Once you reach Bishop Grosseteste University you will swing left and make your way along Yarborough Crescent.

4 - 5km – Turning right, up Burton Road, you will pass the Sobraon Barracks as you head towards the water station.

5 - 6km – After a welcomed water stop, you will navigate along Queen Elizabeth Drive and back towards Riseholme Road.

6 - 7km – At the end of Queen Elizabeth Road, turn right to head along Riseholme Road and make your way back to the start line – don’t worry, you don’t have to start all over again!

7 - 8km – After turning left onto Longdales Road for the second time, take a left onto Ravendale Drive.

8 - 9km – Take a right onto Laughton Way and again on to Cabourne Avenue before a final right turn that will take you back on to Nettleham Road and the long straight towards the finish.

9 - 10km - Prepare yourself for glory as you head towards the Cathedral along Nettleham Road. You will spot the finish line after passing through the double arch on Priory Gate. 




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